San Ramon Library Expansion

City of San Ramon, California

The original San Ramon library was built in 1989, and was no longer meeting the needs of the community. Along with the library working group, we facilitated a series of community meetings to develop a building program for the library remodel and expansion. Programming efforts consolidated extensive input and feedback from stakeholders, community members, library patrons, and other user groups. Our team continued its partnership with the working group during the design, and construction phases to insure these goals were met.

The re-imagined library is a contemporary, vibrant community gathering space across from the new San Ramon City Hall. Outdoor plazas are welcoming gathering spaces, that enhance community experiences. The complete interior renovation coupled with the second floor expansion provides a variety of spaces for different collections. The new children’s collection area is whimsical with built-in bench seating, natural lighting, and vibrant colors throughout. The Teen Area, Technology Center, and jazz listening rooms upstairs offer soft seating, private study rooms, and a visual connection through the decorative glass to the first floor below. The existing barrel vault is now a prominent design element in the 2nd floor offering plenty of natural lighting. The area is kept thermally comfortable through the addition of high performance film that was added during the renovation. Natural light from the barrel vault spills into the first floor.


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