Orange County Fair and Events Center

Administration Building

Costa Mesa, CA

The OC Fair and Event Center Administration Building is a single story, 15,000 sf structure that is used for day-to-day staff offices and also the hosting of public and private events. The building requires a strong presentation to the public and a comfortable and professional work environment to meet its needs.

Angular stone walls, curved reflective glazing, and polished metal canopies demarcate the entry façade. A single orange column picks up the coloration of the “OC Fair” signage and provides a human scale to the approach and arrival experience. The rear of the building is organized around a deep covered court with full height glazing, provided views of exterior amenities and receipt of screened and reflected natural light to all open-plan interior spaces. The above-roof lattice, which screens both light descending into the court and roof equipment, and the court’s elevated roof reiterate the orange graphic reference.

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