Napa Valley Unified School District

American Canyon Middle School

American Canyon, California

ATI and in partnership with the School Facilities and Planning team, designed a new middle school campus that emphasizes the Districts’ vision of inclusivity, STEAM curriculum, BYOD technology, visual and performing arts, and a whole child wellness approach to education. The new school is a metaphorical coming together of a diverse community for a singular purpose; the academic and cultural enrichment of its children with an appreciation for the universal language of music.

The campus will also include science classrooms with movable stations and teacher prep rooms, art classrooms with shared kiln and storage spaces, a Tech/Maker space with coiling door for access to an exterior experimental court, generously sized music classrooms with built-in risers, Special Education living skills classroom and quiet intervention spaces, a high-volume library space which can be used for exhibits and presentations, a multi-use cafeteria with indoor and outdoor performance stages, and a gymnasium suitable for full court basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and badminton, and a Wellness Center. All of the learning spaces are designed for flexible use with multiple teaching surfaces capable of connecting to technology, plenty of power and wireless access ports, north facing windows to bring in comfortable natural light, vaulted ceilings to reflect and diffuse light, acoustically treated walls, high performance thermal controls, and durable finishes.

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