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Riverside, California

2 Sisters Food Group is a United Kingdom based food processor. In 2007, they were selected by Fresh & Easy Markets to provide a meat and poultry processing facility to serve F&E’s global expansion. They requested a functionally efficient building with a signature design to herald their entry into the United States market. We created a bold statement for the offices and entry that was within their budget requirements. The project included design of shipping, receiving, cold and frozen storage, cooking, breading, processing, packaging and, at the time, 2SFG’s US corporate offices. Overall project size was 111,000 sf.

In 2011 Fresh & Easy bought out the 2SFG U.S. operations, and renamed the facility Fresh & Easy Campus Meats. It continues to provide cooked and ready-to-eat meat and poultry servings for Fresh & Easy Markets throughout the western United States.

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