Dublin Ranch Golf Course

The clubhouse is nestled among a new housing development on a prominent hillside overlooking a large valley. A major transit corridor lined with corporate buildings runs through the valley. The clientele who use this facility are both businessmen and neighborhood folk. This was done to facilitate an aggressive schedule the project was split between shell and core and tenant improvement. The tenant improvement design and permitting phase was completed after construction had begun on the shell. The project exterior was developed as part of the overall look of a larger development. It is a Craftsman in style and exposes the beauty of unfinished natural materials. The challenge of the interior was to create a uniquely contemporary environment while still working in harmony with the stylistic aesthetic created by the exterior.

For the interior, the developer of the project wanted public spaces in the clubhouse to be elegantly simple, without clutter or elaborate decoration. The request was for spaces which were well lit and which had a feeling of spaciousness. Primarily the spaces were to be motivational to golfers and visitors alike. These client sensibilities led the designer to look toward concept-driven notions of contemporary design rather than borrowing elements from the past. A figurative concept was developed from simple literal notions of golf play, for example a golf ball’s motion through the air. Various forms were created and fixtures selected that invoked this notion. Also, the designer created an environment that attempted to simulate the inherent contemplative rhythm of golf play. These conceptual notions were primarily addressed in the public area, Porte Coche, Hallway, Golf Shop, Bar and Dining room.

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