Softball Complex Field House

The City of Pleasanton’s Softball Complex Field House was originally constructed in 1990 and serves as the center for all activities in the Ken Mercer Sports Park. We were hired by the City of Pleasanton to remodel and modernize the existing facility including updating finishes, ADA restroom upgrades, and provide amenities for the community. The remodel included removing areas of flat roofs that were ponding and leaking and replacing sloped roofs; replacing single pane windows with dual pane; and the second floor offices for Parks and Rec staff received all new interior finishes, casework and Title 24 upgrades to power and lighting. The original structure included a natural wood siding that has deteriorated over the years, especially on the southern face of the building that receives the brunt of sun, wind and rain. We proposed replacing the existing finish with a phenolic rain screen system that resembles wood, but holds up to the elements much better. Our task was to find an appropriate material that could handle the weather and well as baseball players, their fans and the occasional foul ball. The deteriorating score booths were rebuilt from the foundations up with similar finishes. All structures received new metal roofs. The main façade of the building houses an electrical closet with unsightly doors and switching for lighting at all the ball fields. One of our goals with the design was to improve this view. This was accomplished by carrying the phenolic paneling over the electrical doors making them visually disappear and relocating the switches to a more convenient location for coach access.

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