ATI is delighted to announce that four members of our team have been promoted to Associates and one of our current Associates has been promoted to a Senior Associate. These individuals have repeatedly demonstrated their dedication, leadership, and passion to their field of expertise and to the firm. We cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for them.

ATI 2020 Promotions

May Mohamed, R.A. joined ATI in 2013 as a Project Architect, in 2017 she was promoted to an Associate and just two short years later was promoted to Senior Associate. May has over 20 years of professional experience in architectural projects ranging from Government, Commercial and Educational market sectors. May’s passion lies in creating a safe learning environment for youth. May said, “I love my ATI team members and coming into the office every day. Solving challenging problems, bringing solutions to clients, and having the opportunity to design and forge spaces that promote growth, well-being and human interaction.”

Gon Ng, P.E. began working for ATI in 2015 as a Senior Project Engineer. Gon is excited about becoming an Associate and feels proud to be acknowledged. Her recent project experience includes Napa Junction ES, Walters MS, and other government agency projects. She enjoys being creative in developing solutions to unforeseen conditions of the field. “There’s always more than one solution to any given problem. You just have to look at the problem in the right way.” Her favorite aspect of her job is attending meetings, interacting with clients and internal coordination with the ATI team.

Dale Furman, LEED AP, CXA, associate AIA, a Project Manager who started working for ATI in 2014, has been promoted to an Associate. Dale has been in the industry for over 30 years and is currently working on primarily industrial projects. When asked what Dale loves most about his job, he said, “I love the ATI work environment and the generosity of my coworkers. I truly enjoy engaging in the work with my team and the cooperative spirit of this firm.”

Sarah Ho was hired as Job Captain in July of 2018 and just one short year later is now an Associate. Lately Sarah has been working on several different projects for the Sonoma County of Education but is particularly involved with the Elk Grove Union House Elementary School project. “This promotion came as a total surprise. I feel recognized, excited and obviously want to keep up the good work. I love designing and meeting with clients but my favorite aspect of work is seeing projects from the beginning to the end. That’s why I love being a part of a smaller firm because you get to see the entire project unfold” Sarah explained.

Jerry Xie, R.A, LEED AP became a part of the ATI team in August of 2014 as a Project Architect. When asked about his promotion to an Associate, Jerry said, “The promotion was unexpected because I’m just doing what I feel I should be doing everyday but I’m really excited about it. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with different consultants and team members from different backgrounds and experience. Sometimes this job is challenging but it’s incredibly rewarding.”

“Congratulations to our new company associates, Dale, Sarah, Jerry, and Gon and our new Senior Associate, May. I am proud of your well deserving achievements and contributions” said Paul DiDonato, ATI’s President.

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