Every year, ATI has the opportunity to host a number of paid interns in each of our three offices.

This has always been an exciting time as new interns are given the chance to gain really valuable experience in the A/E industry.

At ATI, we also value these times— we value having the chance to work with the bright, young minds of the future. Long gone are the days of interns picking up coffee and refilling printers with paper. At ATI, our interns get right to work. We take pride in helping them develop productive skills that they can apply for many years to come.

Goodbyes are never easy, and they are especially hard when they’re with our interns. With the blink of an eye, a couple of months pass and it’s time for our wonderful interns to embark on new adventures.

We are so proud to watch them grow, thrive, and develop important life skills that they can leverage throughout their careers. They learn a lot during their time here and put in a tremendous amount of effort. They work with us on a variety of projects across California and develop their professional skills along the way.

The professional world is continuously evolving and internships are an integral way for students to stand out during their college careers and postgraduate job search. Before we officially bid our interns farewell, we took a moment to catch up with one of our interns out of our Roseville office to see what she will be up to in the coming months and what advice she might have for future interns.



Emma Vaio will be graduating from Granite Bay High School this Spring. In the Fall, she will be attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to study Construction Management. We wish her luck with this thrilling new adventure and we know she’s going to do great things!

What did you expect from your internship with ATI? Did your expectations meet reality?

I’m not really sure what I was expecting from my internship. I had been an intern before at another architecture firm in Sacramento, but every company treats their interns differently, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had my own desk AND two monitors!! I think it’s safe to say that my experience here at ATI has exceeded my expectations; I have learned so much over these past few months about the industry and working in an office, and I have had an amazing time working with all my coworkers.

Thinking back to your first few days, what work did you get a chance to do?

I was tossed immediately into the ring during my first few days here. I started working right away helping review and edit specs, researching the old plans for our projects, and working on cleaning our IT room. I remember being a bit overwhelmed and confused, but I asked a lot of questions, and I got it done. I just kept working through each new task, and before I knew it, 9 months had passed.

What did you enjoy most during your time at ATI?

My favorite part about working here at ATI was getting to participate in office meetings and lunches. It was great getting to be a part of the office environment and getting an up close look at what goes on during the office meetings. I also loved getting to learn a bunch of new tips and tricks for different programs because it made me feel more professional and helped bolster my knowledge of industry programs. I really loved getting to work in AutoCAD. I feel like everything I got to do related the that program was very relevant, and I feel like that’s where I learned the most. 

What is the most important skill that you have learned during your internship?

I think the most important thing I’ve  learned while working here was effective communication. In the beginning, I kept getting reminders from Ysenia to reply to emails with tasks I had finished so everyone would know the status of whatever I was working on. This will definitely stick with me throughout the rest of my career and will make me a better employee.

What are you up to next?

I am about to graduate from Granite Bay High School here in Roseville. In the fall, I will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and I’ll be studying construction management. I’m sure my experiences here will prove helpful when I’m studying at school.

Do you have any advice for future interns?

Everyone in the ATI staff is more than willing to help you, so take them up on their offer and ask them questions! They love helping you learn!

We are sad to see Emma and all of our other interns go, but we wish the best for all of them in their future endeavors! We hope to see them back at ATI again soon. Until then, WE WILL MISS YOU!


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