“This exercise taught me how much more I could do and on a daily basis.”

This holiday season was especially exciting for ATI. In lieu of sending client holiday gifts, we encouraged everyone, including our clients, friends, neighbors, and our entire team at ATI to take part in a pay-it-forward like campaign, “25 Acts of Kindness”. This resulted in the completion of over 300 Acts of Kindness across California.

The Campaign

For this campaign, we gave each of our staff members and our clients a list of 25 tasks to complete. For each person that completed the list, ATI allowed them to select a charity to be donated to on the individual’s behalf.

The intention of this campaign was to encourage the ATI team and our clients to spread a little kindness and joy to the world around them throughout the holiday season. But it was also so much more than that.

It was a movement that inspired different types of kindness as we believe that kindness has to start somewhere – within.

You see, when we treat ourselves with kindness, compassion, and understanding, these positive vibrations will then overflow into our daily interactions with those around us and together, we can make a purposeful and lasting impact.

Therefore, each of the “25 Acts of Kindness” that was on the list was meant to promote 3 types of kindness, self-kindness, kindness to the environment, and kindness to others. Therefore, the tasks were purposeful and were meant to cause a ripple effect, spreading good vibes all around.

And it did just that.

Reflecting Back

Over the last several months, our team and our clients spent time being more mindful of giving back to others, lent a helping hand when needed, and practiced self-compassion – all while encouraging others to do the same.

There were over 300 Acts of Kindness completed across California.

Taking a look back…we’ve made some new friends, spent our time off volunteering and giving back to those in need, explored new and exciting places, where we practiced “me” time, and even spent some time bonding with each other.

Ultimately, it was a great experience for both our staff and our clients.

Below are just some of the stories and experiences that our participants shared with us!

Shared Experiences

Note: We have kept the identities of the individuals that submitted the stories anonymous per request.

A Man Named Joseph

This was both a fun and very interesting experience. First, the big tips got a little out of control — there was something infectious about surreptitiously watching for reactions, so I ended up doing that several times.

My granddaughter and I had a day of fun and pleasure as we helped a man (Joseph) and his two dogs who we encountered walking along the highway. What started as a gift of dog food for the dogs ended up with a day-long adventure as we treated him to lunch and went shopping for a tent, better backpack and sleeping bag, food and a dual leash for him and his two furry friends (Brother and Hatchet Face). When he asked if I could give him a ride I was initially reluctant and offered that I had my granddaughter and my dog (who can be aggressive with other dogs) with me and that I couldn’t. He suggested they could ride in the bed of the truck to which I said, ‘But that’s illegal.’ Let’s just say, that law got broken several times and I’ve chuckled to myself about how it must have felt bumping along some of the winding roads we traveled. Ultimately we spent the greater part of the day with him and after he was newly outfitted, we drove him to a campground where we helped him set up his tent. My granddaughter said it was one of the best days she has had and that she couldn’t wait to get home to tell her parents about it. What is interesting to me is how quickly we went from not caring/noticing the homeless person to caring about his comfort and the safety of him and his dogs. I don’t know why neither I nor my granddaughter thought about taking a picture of him and his dogs, but today I wish I had. It was a heartwarming experience to see the smile on his face and to hear him say, “Thank you for your kindness.”

More Than Just Words – Actions!

This is a great exercise, made me stop and think about my actions. This exercise made me do things that I wouldn’t have thought of doing such as picking up garbage that I saw outside, taking someone’s shopping cart and writing encouraging post-it notes. It also made me reflect as well, such as taking time out each morning to reflect, going outside for a walk and not complaining for a week.

A Life Lesson

I am so pleased I participated in this activity. Although I am generally a very kind and giving person, this exercise taught me how much more I can do and on a daily basis. I was more intentional with my day to day actions and interactions with the people that I encountered every day. I learned that it really is an easy task to put a little kindness into everything you do!

I Had an Epiphany

This is the first time that I tried to keep track of my social involvement, and I found out that I truly enjoy giving to others.

Challenge Accepted

After a few initial jokes about the idea, my coworkers and I decided to challenge each other to complete the entire list. We had so much fun spreading kindness and helping others! I love that the simple gift of this idea was able to have such a large impact. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Spreading Joy

Very much enjoyed the challenge of sharing kindness with those around us during the Christmas holiday season. It helped to prompt us to reach out to those who are truly in need of kindness and generosity!

Kindness on the Go

Most of my acts of kindness were done on the spur of the moment, when an opportunity arose.

The List – Get Inspired

While our holiday campaign has wrapped up, it’s never too late to make a purposeful impact. To get involved at any time, feel free to download a copy of the “25 Acts of Kindness” checklist that we completed below.


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