It’s been a busy last few months as construction teams pushed to complete the new Lineage Cool Port Oakland (“Cool Port”) which officially opened its doors earlier this month.

The new 280,000 sf facility on 25 acres, is one of the world’s largest next generation cold storage and logistics facility and took nearly 5 years to complete from design through construction.

Located at the Port of Oakland, this bay-area water front facility serves as the newest hub for temperature-controlled cargo transitioning through Northern California.

Alongside Dreisbach Enterprises, Lineage Logistics, and Fisher Construction Group, ATI designed this cutting edge intermodal trans-load and consolidation facility for perishable commodities and 3-story administrative building. The new facility will service 9,000 railcars and 50,000+ TEU containers on an annual basis.

“Cool Port is a game-changer for global trade and the local economy,” says Jason Dreisbach, president of Dreisbach. “We’ll more efficiently connect U.S. producers to Asian markets and in the process create hundreds of jobs in our own backyard. The incredible impact of Cool Port on our organizations, the Port of Oakland and the Bay Area at large cannot be understated. (Business Wire, 2018)”

The new operation will employ roughly 200 Oakland residents and other nearby residents. Oakland is expected to see eight new jobs created each time 1,000 new containers are moved through the facility.

Cool Port will not only serve as a central distribution hub for the Bay Area, but will also make leaps forward as an environmentally conscious facility.

Cool Ports cargo-handling is 100% electric-powered and is projected to prevent nearly 9,000 pounds of CO2 emissions in the first five years of operation.

The facility also provides electrical plug-ins for most containers, solar or fuel cell technology for power generation, natural gas power for yard trucks, and the use of natural refrigerants to reduce potential hydro chlorofluorocarbon releases, which can pose a significant environmental threat.

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