ATI is pleased to announce that our Marketing team took home two first place awards and one third place award for Zweig Group’s 2018 Marketing Excellence.

The Zweig Group’s Marketing Excellence Awards allows firms to submit in up to 9 categories and is an annual recognition of outstanding and effective marketing in the architecture, engineering, construction, and environmental consulting industry.

The winners, recently announced, were determined based on the measurable results generated from the marketing campaigns or activities, as well as the creativity and achievement of marketing objectives.

ATI placed in all 3 categories that were entered.

Proposal Presentation | We Placed #1.

For this category, our marketing team submitted a recent presentation package that we put together for a potential K-12 client. The client wanted the design of the upcoming project to have a heavy emphasis on the community’s horse-keeping roots. The presentation leveraged this history, along with inspiration from the community’s natural surrounding landscape – a striking mountain scenery, as a basis for the presentation’s design inspiration.

Taking first place in this category is an incredible achievement, as putting together a proposal presentation is a fun but lengthy process, it requires a large amount of effort from everyone involved, said Sarah McCorriston, Marketing Assistant at ATI.

Our Marketing and Presentation team invested over 137 hours into putting this particular presentation together. The entire package was carefully designed and tailored to fit the equestrian-scenic theme. For a cohesive look and feel, a rustic color scheme along with kraft cardstock was used throughout all presentation material. Additionally, our team used certain design elements and shapes that were inspired by the client’s prideful surrounding terrain.

Website Design | We Placed #1.

Recently, ATI embarked on a mission to develop the next evolution of cohesive and consistent brand imaging for our firm. A part of this strategic mission was to give our website a fresh look and feel.

Over the years, ATI has undergone a significant growth and transformation and we needed a website that reflected who we are as a company today. We aimed to create a website that was dynamic, responsive, and user friendly. We also focused on creating a destination place for users to engage and learn about ATI through high quality visual content laid out in a simple and easy to digest way.

With the help of Westward Strategy & Design Group, we were able to achieve the desired look and feel that was consistent with our overall brand strategy.

I am so excited for our team to receive this award! It was a wonderful experience working with Kristy from Westward Strategy & Design Group to develop the website that is reflective of ATI. Now, when clients and potential employees visit our website, they are able to see the values we hold, our mission in life, and the capabilities we possess”, said Alla Hesse, ATI’s Marketing Manager.

Social Media | We Placed #3.

When creating any piece of content for our social media and blogs, we strive to give our audience (you) a glimpse into the heart and soul of ATI, while also keeping you up to date on the progress of our projects and other related company news. We also utilize our various social media platforms to connect, engage, and grow our current and future client base.

Through our social media endeavors we hope to give clients and prospective new employees a glimpse behind the scenes of ATI. There is such a collaborative effort with our Marketing team, even in submitting for this award, each of us has a hand in what we create, said Emily Atkins, Marketing Assistant at ATI.

For the Social Media category, our Marketing team shared our overarching social media strategy and how we measure, track, and quantify our analytics. We also submitted several recent blog posts and a sample of a recent social media recruiting campaign that ran on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to submitting the above samples for review, we submitted detailed metrics from each piece. This information outlined how each piece performed on our social media channels, including a breakdown of total clicks, total reach, and total impressions. We also provided other platform related metrics such as the number of post likes, shares, and comments.


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