Oakland, CA, August 25, 2017 – The Port of Oakland is a major container ship facility that loads and discharges more than 99% of the containerized goods moving through Northern California, making it the fifth busiest ports in the US. It oversees the Oakland Seaport, Oakland International Airport, and 20 miles of vast SF Bay Area waterfront. As the Bay Area continues to flourish, facilities like these are vital for the developing areas and the prosperity of local residents.

In summer of 2018, this site will now host “Cool Port Oakland” – a new $90 million, 275,000 sf temperature controlled trans-load and distribution facility.

Alongside Dreisbach Enterprises, Lineage Logistics, and Fisher Construction Group, ATI designed a state-of-the-art intermodal trans-load and consolidation facility on the 22-acre site for perishable commodities. It is expected to service 9,000 railcars and 50,000+ TEU containers on an annual basis.

The Port of Oakland will not only serve as a central distribution hub for the Bay Area, but will also make leaps forward as an environmentally conscious seaport. The facility owned by Dreisbach Enterprises in partnership with Lineage Logistics will provide electrical plug-ins for most containers, solar or fuel cell technology for power generation, natural gas power for yard trucks, and the use of natural refrigerants to reduce potential hydro chlorofluorocarbon releases, which can pose a serious environmental threat.

The new Cool Port trans-load facility is expected to maximize the use of the Port’s already comprehensive road, rail, and shipping network. This will potentially reduce costs, while increasing the import and export of perishable foods through Northern California.

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