Designs of The Future: What If You Could Live Inside a Modern Windmill?

Say goodbye to the traditional Dutch windmill. There is a new revolutionary design in the works and it is so much more than your typical mill made up of brick, stone, and rotating sails. It’s more than a windmill, it’s more than a statement design, and it’s most certainly more than a destination. But it could be your home, your new office, or even your next dinner spot, if you plan to move to or visit Netherlands in 2025.

We will give you a moment to day dream about that.


Rendering of DoepelStrijker’s Windwheel

At ATI we are constantly inspired by innovative architecture around the world. This includes giant wind turbines that allow you to live, work, and play.

The truly state-of-the art mixed-use creation called the “Dutch Windwheel” is from Dutch architects, Doepel Strijkers. Their 173-meter-high (570 ft) bladeless structure is made up of steel and glass.

The structure is framed by two rings. The outside ring is made up of 40 rotating cabins that will provide platforms for various views overlooking the city. The static inner ring contains 42 residential units, a hotel, a restaurant, and commercial spaces.

Rendering of inside the Windwheel

Traditional turbines consist of multiple mechanical moving part. The Dutch Windwheel has none. This blade less design will help minimize any wear and tear, have lower maintenance costs, and reduce noise over its traditional counterpart.

But wait, that’s not all. The center of the structure acts like a high-tech windmill and utilizes wind, water and electric field in an electrostatic wind-energy converter that can directly produce a current for power. This technology is called EWICON. You can learn more about it here:

This technology would allow the structure to produce more energy than it uses.

While still a concept, the structure raises the bar for sustainability and paves the way for the future of architecture.

After reading about the Dutch Windwheel, we decided to let our imaginations run wild around the office. We asked several ATI employees “if you could live in any futuristic structure, what would it be?”…….

 “Put me in an ascending house. Like a hot air balloon sort of thing. Fully furnished with all the comforts. Maybe about 5 or 600 sf of cozy living space that can fully levitate to a height above all the madness.” -Theresa Jennings

“I would have a multi-level home. The first floor would be completely submerged under water with a complete 360 view of an ocean landscape.You would be able to look at fish, sharks, and all the beautiful ocean scenery. The second floor would be above water and feature an indoor/outdoor living space with a beach front view. The third floor would be a giant suite with a rooftop hot tub and luxury amenities. Oh, did I mention there is also a circular shaped pool in the middle of the home that connects all three floors. The pool features transparent walls all around. You can swim from the third floor all the way down to the first floor if you wanted.” -Sarah McCorriston

“I would live in a two-story tree house made of reclaimed wood. The tree house would be along the coast of a beach somewhere. The house would have a wrap-around balcony that connected both levels so that you could have a complete view of the beach at all times” -Jennifer Pagach

Although I’m afraid of heights, I would like to live in the clouds like in the movie Oblivion.” – Alla Hesse

“I would live in one of my designs that was inspired by a Buddha attended enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Every leaf is a PV panel, and the trunk is a natural buoyancy ventilation + cooling tower system.” -Jim Pan

What would you futuristic look like? Let us know.


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