Q: What makes you excited about working at ATI?

A: Working at an Architect and Engineering firm is a completely new industry for me. There are so many new things to learn about the A/E industry. I am surrounded by a diverse team; all intelligent and friendly people who will make learning these things that much more exciting. ATI truly provides an opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level.

Q: Share an interesting fact about you.

A: I am a certified scuba diver and have been since I was 21. To me, nothing is cooler than being able to explore the depths of the ocean.

Q: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A: I like to travel. Last summer, I toured Tokyo solo. This was such an awesome experience and one that I will never forget. Did you know they have cat and owl cafes? During my senior year of college, I also started my own website. This has been something I’ve been running for a while now and it usually keeps me pretty busy during my free time.

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