Q: What makes you excited about working at ATI?

A: I am excited to work at ATI because of the very diverse and friendly people that I work with.  They are collaborative and also very self-driven. They inspire me to work even harder.  I am also very excited with the different project types that we do.


Q: What projects are you working on so far and what are you doing on them?

A: Currently, I am involved in the Walters Junior High School Modernization for the Fremont Unified School District.  As a job captain, I am tasked to create construction document drawings, do field measurements, and coordinate with different trades and consultants to deliver a seamless design package.


Q: Share an interesting fact about you.

A: Most of my friends call me by my nickname “Soy”, which when combined with my last name sounds very Chinese.  And that’s because I am part Chinese.  I am also part Spanish and Filipino and happen to currently live in the U.S.  So you could say that I am my own United Colors of Benetton.


Q: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A: I love basketball, both watching it and playing it.  Sadly, it doesn’t love me back (I say that because I’m not good at it).  I also love to sketch my friends (and co-workers) a lot.  I spend most of my weekends with my wife and kids trying out new food places and basically filling up our memory wall.

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