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Q: What makes you excited about working at ATI?

A: There are a lot of first times for me! This is my first engineering job, my first time to be found in an online business news, and my first time working with professionals. I’m looking forward to many more first experiences here at ATI! I also like the feeling that I’m busy and that what I do has an impact on the company.

Q: What projects are you working on so far and what are you doing on them?

A: Right now, I’m working full time on the Sandia National Lab metering project. I prepare electrical drawings and research what will help us satisfy the needs of the client. At first I was playing it by ear, until I got better and eventually came up with my own ideas and am now working under less guidance. I am grateful that the Electrical Team and CAD supervisors are always willing to help me whenever I come to them.

Q: Share an interesting fact about you.

A: I was a cheerleader back in my college years. I also dream of doing something beneficial for the people in the Philippines.

Q: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A: In my spare time, I like to clean and organize stuff at my home. I’m interested in trying Jiu Jitsu since I’ve done Muay Thai before. I like to try new things that I’ve never done before and go to new places, life is too short not to do so!  I love karaoke! When I feel hyped, I love to run. I spend most of my time bonding with my family. I’m currently teaching my dad how to drive! 🙂

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