A New Redevelopment Project Makes Way in the Industrial Heart of Southern California

Vernon is the first exclusively industrial city in Southwestern United States. With few residents, Vernon offers a business friendly environment. As the city continues to house major manufacturers, food processors and distributors, a new redevelopment distribution facility will call Vernon it’s home as well.

The 94,000 sf concrete tilt-up distribution facility is located in an older industrial area at 4490 Ayers Avenue. The exterior design, developed by ATI’s Senior Designer Kate Lyle, represents a new level of detailing and use of materials that sets a higher standard for aesthetics in the area. Camfield Partners asked ATI to come up with a contemporary statement that would distinguish their project from any other in the vicinity, yet, maintain a visual connection to the older urban-industrial history. The resulting design is unique and stays within the budget constraints. The project has raised the bar for others in the Los Angeles industrial core, has further placed Camfield Partners as a leader in the area of development, and has established ATI as a leading industrial design firm for this market.

The result of this distribution facility will add on to the range of advantages that the city offers including more job opportunities and a positive financial asset.

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