It is not unusual, at ATI, to refer to each other as our extended family. We celebrate each other’s successes and support each other when the going gets tough. After all, that’s what family is there to do, to support and encourage each other.

Our commitment and work ethics unite us. Our core is to serve our clients. We believe in doing our work right the first time. This way of being drives us to work hard and smart. Being efficient and effective are just as essential as providing the right solutions to our clients. These characteristics are mandatory in order to integrate into the ATI family. Yet, having fun is just as important. Building a foundation of trust and camaraderie is how we maintain the balance of work and play.

With a mission to accurately describe ATI, we asked our ATI family to send words that they use to describe who we are and what we do for ourselves and our clients. Depicted below are those words…