Meet ATI’s Architecture Intern!


ATI is pleased to welcome Natalie Belous to ATI, an Architecture Intern.

Q: What makes you excited about working at ATI?
A: “Practicing the profession of architecture can be as long as you want and for me it is just starting. There are so many possibilities to what you can do, and ATI is a great stepping stone. It makes me excited when I see that the firm is excited about good design! ATI takes time to do things well and responsibly and most importantly in a way that allows us, the designers, and the client to derive pleasure from the end result. There are constantly evolving methods, software, and materials out there and it excites me that the firm is pushing towards modern day design and construction and it’s execution. This proves to me that the profession is never static!”

Q: Favorite project you are working on and why it excites you.
A: “You know, as far as favorite projects, it is difficult to just name one. The goal for me from this internship was to learn beyond what school has been teaching me, and each project I have worked/working on has been teaching me something new, and that’s something very exciting! Whether it is working on code & regulations, zoning, on site & building developments, details (which let me tell you, they do not introduce in schools much), programming and so on- it all just exposes me to the real world profession and the desire to try new things. I mean, how exciting is it working on a project and to actually go to a construction site and watch it get built!”

Q: What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
A: “Interests outside of work are Coffee shops and road trips! Outdoors as well, such as hiking, swimming, going to places and cities where big things happen, constantly filling myself up with experiences. And lastly art, such as painting, drawing/sketching, installations, things that make my imagination evolve!”

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