The Value of Architectural Sketching Part 1

For architects, sketching is an important part of the architectural process. Architects communicate through drawing. The ability to communicate ideas has become slightly different from the product of today’s architecture programs. Unlike computer renderings, sketches open the imagination of being able to work through ideas and explore concepts, without worrying about precision. Adding mixed-media such as pastel or watercolor to sketches can illustrate and articulate light, space, and movement through the variations of color.

ATI’s Project Manager, Anna Win, shared her thoughts on the value of sketching. “The ability to visualize 3 dimensionally is an important aspect of being an architect, and hand sketching has been historically the quickest way to convey a conceptual thought,” she wrote. “These days there are a lot of 3D modeling applications that “sketch”, but they are not as convenient as a quickly drawn hand-sketch when you are in a meeting or discussion to convey an idea.” Anna is the Project Manager for Sloat Boulevard Mixed-Use Development project and is also working on the City of San Ramon Library Expansion project.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Value of Architectural Sketching. ATI’s talented Job Captain, Rod Sepulveda, will share his sketches and sketching techniques.

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