The Ole 1850’s Barn Gets a Facelift

ATI is privileged to work with the City of San Ramon and the San Ramon Historic Foundation to bring new life to the oldest structure in San Ramon Valley. The Barn is located at 19953 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, on the western side of the 16-acre Forest Home Farms, and has been registered with the National Historic Registry since 2002. This simply elegant structure of redwood boards, constructed by hand without the use of modern conveniences such as nails or metal brackets was donated to the City by Ruth Quayle Boone in 1997.

“Bringing the Barn back to life is not a simple matter,” says ATI’s Project Director, Robert Desautels. “Respecting the old traditions and methods, while using modern day technology is a challenge we face on this project. Yet, I feel confident that we will work through this matter effectively.”

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