We are hiring Licensed Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers

At ATI you will always be working on a wide variety of projects in market sectors such as Education, Health Care, Advanced Tech, Government, and Commercial.  You will face new project challenges every day that require you to solve problems by thinking out of the box.  You will work in a team environment consisting of Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Architects.  While at ATI you will find yourself always learning because of the vast knowledge that your co-workers and supervisors will share with you.

Our close knit team is made up of a group of lively individuals, who enjoy the diversity of their projects and camaraderie of their co-workers.  This has created a positive environment that fosters Teamwork, Respect, and the Right Results.

If you are a Licensed Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineer who is looking for a new opportunity come work at ATI.  Send your resume and one page cover letter to careers@atiae.com to apply!


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