New Mixed-Use Development near San Francisco Zoo

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The San Francisco Zoo is a special place to visit in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco and so is the beach, if you don’t mind the fog. In recent years, this often forgotten neighborhood has seen resurgence in activity. New restaurants and bars have been popping up attracting a young, trendy, professional crowd.  To satisfy the desperate need for new housing, Ocean Development LLC hires ATI Architects and Engineers and Rachel Hamilton as the designer, to create a mixed-use housing development that reflects the unique character of the neighborhood at an accelerated schedule.

The Sloat Boulevard project encompasses an entire city block totaling approximately 117,000 sf divided into three segments connected by breezeways and will follow CalGreen sustainability requirements. The project includes 56 dwelling units, consisting of 4 three bedroom units, 41 two bedroom units, and 11 one bedroom units over a 112-space subterranean parking structure. The entire street level and a portion of the second floor will be dedicated to commercial and restaurant spaces.

“The form is inspired by and related to the cliffs and ragged precipices around the Cliff House and at the south end of Ocean Beach. The  buildings  form,  with  three  separate  mixed‐use  massing  segments,  mirrors  the contours of the California Coastline.“ said Rachel Hamilton, the head designer on the project.

Rather than a standard commercial storefront system, the design features a “more grotto‐like recessed entry.”  The development features pleasant neutral colors, stone featured walls, and extensive landscaping of dune-grass and other shoreline appropriate species will surround the building and residential common space.  There is an open plaza on the ground floor as well as arroyos between the building wings that provide open space. In addition, there are common garden spaces on the 2nd floor, and two solariums which extend from 2nd thru 5th floors and connect the building wings. The Art‐Deco elements on both the western and eastern frontages relate well to a prominent residential architectural style of the area. The project is planned to finish in August 2016.

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